Smoking – how it starts

girl-844051_1280The risks associated with smoking are the subject of many health studies, and they all show that people who are active smokers through life are more likely to get many diseases. These risks are greater if the smoking career starts early, if cigarettes are consumed in a longer period and if there is a larger amount of cigarettes daily.

The benefits of smoking

We are just ironic because there is not any proven benefit of smoking. In contrary, almost everything about smoking is related to many diseases, the increment of risk for bad health status.

Bad habits

smoking-1104336_1280The level of health vulnerability of people highly depends on their life habits. Frightening increase in disease of heart and blood vessels in human kind is pointing that some of our habits must change. That is why bad nutrition, physical inactivity, and inadequate habits are in the middle of medical researches that tend to educate people to save lives.

Smoking habit

Smoking is one of the most widespread addictions. Many people claim that smoking is a disease. When we look at long-term smokers, we can clearly find many signs of addiction, such as the need to smoke cigarettes, the aspiration to increase daily doses, physical and psychical addiction, adverse effect both for the smoker and his closest surround.

How it starts

smoke-1165878_1280Every smoker remembers his first cigarette. It was awful! Disgusting and unpleasant feeling that is sometimes followed by dizziness and vomit too. The truth is that no one started to smoke because of the need for it, but most commonly children follow their parent path or influence of friends that started smoking, etc. The first cigarette is often tried at the age of 10-12, and it is usually hidden tryout, in the circle of closest friends. Most of the kids dislike the taste of smoking and make life decision about it, and it is usually that they will not smoke cigarettes through life.

Time of decision

At the age of 15, smoker in attempt decides if he is going to continue his life as an active smoker or he will quit. This is the time to help the kid to quit, but many adults encourage it to continue smoking, by looking it as an innocent act and something that will stop anyway. But, there is the largest mistake. It is not good to encourage children in this bad habit, anyway, many adults offer their cigarettes to children, and help them to hide the smoking habit from their parents.

Development of smoking career

cigarette-468216_1280Later years brings a lot more hard decisions, school, emotional relationships, the involvement of alcohol in life and tendency to show off in front of friends makes young smoker dependent of cigarettes, because it becomes his way of appearance. Mutual offering a cigarette facilitates contact between people, and it is familiar that smoker will help another smoker gladly by offering him a cigarette, but if he asks for food, for instance, it is more likely that he will be refused for help.

Is it possible to quit?

Quitting smoking can be a very hard work to do. It is important that smokers who decide to quit smoking find motivation and support from family and friends, because in that state of quitting, they use to be more irritable, and when they are nervous or angry, guess what – they will light up the cigarette.

Fight for life

ashtray-169399_1280Many smokers say that they are addicted to cigarettes and no matter what risks it brings they will continue to smoke. Anyway, millions of smoker shave stopped smoking without any help, just by strong will and support of the close people. It is true that most of them quitted just after the doctor said that they are close to deathly disease, but anyway, it is never too late to quit.

Bad images and the list of dangerous ingredients

We avoided speaking of it because most of the bad influence on our health by cigarette intake is familiar to all people. If you are a smoker, or you want to help your friend or family member to quit, just remember that you need motivation rather than any medical help.

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