The problem of alcohol and its effect on health

Many people that have trouble with alcohol say that they never thought that they would become obsessed by drinking. So, it is obvious that there is a border between getting into a good mood and getting drunk and addicted, and many things influence one to cross that border.

Alcohol and body

alcohol-428392_1280Consuming of alcoholic drinks for several years, especially if it is more than some common, relatively innocent doses, almost always leads to damage of certain organs in our body. Usually, the external appearance of a person can tell if it is alcoholic. These people are often messy, neglected people with strongly visible capillaries on their face and nose, with dull, watery and often bloody eyes.

Organs that suffer

hqdefaultThe whole body suffers when lots of alcohol is implemented, but we can say that most damage goes for stomach, intestines, liver, pancreas, brain and nerves. Some of those can be damaged so heavy, that it leads to surgery or transplantation if the case allows.

Alcohol can be good, right?

Many people state that wine is good for our health. Indeed, there are some ingredients in wine that are positive nutrients for our body, but any alcohol is bad for our nervous system. The reason why wine is stated as a good alcoholic drink is that it is made of grapes, which is fruit with a lot of good nutrients that improve the health of the heart and other organs. But still, there is alcohol in it, and it can’t be said that it is good alcohol.

Immune system failure

Alcohol is proven to decrease the immune ability of our body, which is the entrance for many diseases, not necessarily connected with alcohol itself. People who consume alcohol often are more likely to get ill, and the process of curing is always long term comparing to other people, just because the immune system is weak and inclined to diseases.

The importance of the amount

glasses-919071_1280Troubles that alcohol causes depend on the amount that one consumes. People that are clear alcoholics are more likely to meet the consequences of drinking it, and others are also in risk depending on the amount of alcohol they intake regularly. Anyway, drinking alcohol, in any amount, certainly defects our health, it stimulates or increases the risk of health issues.

Alcohol and Society

stop-1290997_1280Some researches stated that alcohol is connected to almost all social phenomena, such as suicides, murders, violence, defected children, traffic accidents, sexual assaults and death. It is the most widespread drug that is available for all people in the world. It doesn’t recognize race, ethnical, social or economic borders. By the way, some studies state that every third divorce is caused or connected by alcohol.

Diseases caused by alcohol

There are many diseases that are directly connected to alcohol, and many of those are fatal for the human body. Nervous system takes a lot of damage, digestive tract also, and many other organs suffer and gets damaged because of alcohol intake. Anyway, there is also the psychological effect, and that is something that can make more problems than any health problem that can occur.


They say that someone who is an alcoholic doesn’t even have the liver. And it is close to the condition of an alcoholic person’s liver. You can’t imagine what load it takes for the liver to degrade the alcohol, how many cells dies and how much energy is wasted. Dead cells leave wounds on the liver wall and those wounds on lead to liver cirrhosis.


Alcohol operates toxic to the heart in the first place, which takes damage from it. That is why everybody that enjoy alcohol can expect to have heart issues one day, sooner or later. Simply, the heart is weaker, and it can lead to almost every known disease that can occur.