Exercise tips for better health

You are probably asking yourself why should you exercise when you can eat healthy food and stay healthy. The reason why you should exercise is that your body becomes even stronger, and breaks down healthy nutrients faster, making your body ready and prepared for grueling tasks. Let’s start with health tips.

Health tips

maxresdefaultSmall, but proven tips can make a huge change in your health status. Science-based, and in practice proven advice is always welcome, because there is no any state of health that can’t be improved, which will lead to prevention of many diseases, and bring you to better fitness and wellness.


Jogging_Woman_in_GrassSpeed up your metabolism by implementing regular daily training into your activity. It doesn’t mean that you need to act like a professional sportsman, but take a little piece of your day and devote it to yourself. 30 to 60 minutes of walking, jogging, bike riding, swimming or any other aerobic, three times per week is just enough to speed up your metabolism, which launches many reactions in your body that lead to good health.

Morning exercise

When you wake up, avoid coffee and cigarette if you used to start your day like that. There is nothing worse than that. Instead of it, wake up and work out the 5-minute exercise of stretching, we promise that you will be good as new after that, ready for daily challenges.

Don’t miss your breakfast

breakfast-1359445_1280Healthy breakfast is a most important meal. Those who avoid breakfast, for any reason, usually compensate it by eating more on lunch and dinner, but it leads to weight gain. In other words, you will gain fat. Healthy breakfast does not include sweets and bakery products but fruits, vegetables, yogurt or eggs. Start your day with a healthy meal, even if that is just an apple that you will eat while driving to your job.


Fresh water

mint-1205624_1280Train yourself to fight thirst with fresh water, not with juice or energy drinks, or alcohol. Don’t be surprised, because that’s what many people do when they are thirsty. Stay away from sugar in your drink, and instead of that, pour some drops of lemon in your glass of water. You will feel and look better.



Fruits after exercise

strawberries-829271_1280One hour after you do your exercise you should eat some fruits and drink fresh water. Avoid alcohol when doing exercise, because your body will fight against it instead of expenditure of calories.



A place to run

jogger-1379443_1280Those who live in cities often make a mistake and go jogging on concrete surfaces, such as sidewalk or bike path. But, it is far more efficient to run on soft surfaces, such as grass or sand, if you have any beach near your place. It is good for your joints and also for concentration because the terrain is unpredictable, so you need to be focused on it to run uniformly.


Smoking? NO!

non-smoking-151110_1280Ok, you want to improve your health, you started to run for a half hour every morning, and that is fine. But, when you make a break of jogging, it is unfavorable to take the smoke in a smoke area. If you are a passionate smoker, be sure to pick a path for your training that is not near any smoking area. Who knows, maybe you quit smoking, after all, we wish you do!

Home from jogging

When you are done with daily jogging, don’t just take a shower and jump into the chair to rest, it is better to stretch around, and walk a few circles through your home, that will improve your blood circulation.